14 December 2017

Elastic Advent Calendar 2017, Week 2

By Michelle Carroll

A recap from our second week of Advent topics.

14 December 2017 Engineering

How to Build a Site Search UI

By Sam Reid

Learn how the Swiftype Team helps their customers to design intuitive search UIs.

13 December 2017 Engineering

You know, for visualizing your Logstash pipelines

By Andrew CholakianShaunak Kashyap

Introducing the Logstash Pipeline Viewer — a GUI to get a birds-eye view of your Logstash pipelines and understand their performance.

12 December 2017 Engineering

Custom Region Maps in Kibana 6.0

By Mark Walkom

Grab your cartometers, folks, and get ready for some chloropleth map goodness. A walkthrough of custom region maps in Kibana 6.0.

07 December 2017 Engineering

Welcome to the Elastic Advent Calendar! Looking back on Week One

By Aaron Aldrich

This year, the Elastic Engineering team wanted to do something special to celebrate the end of the 2017 Calendar year.

06 December 2017 Engineering

Canvas Technology Preview

By Rashid Khan

Hey. You there. Want a sneak peek at a product in progress? There's a technology preview of Canvas for Kibana available for the adventurous

27 November 2017 User Stories

Elasticsearch at RTE: Blackout Prevention through Weather Predict...

By Akli RahmounTony Blanchard

The Elastic Stack and the X-Pack alerting and machine learning features help us with weather prediction and alerts on risks of thermal damage and line sag.

27 November 2017 Engineering

Shipping Kubernetes Logs to Elasticsearch with Filebeat

By Carlos Pérez-Aradros

Learn how to use Filebeat to retrieve logs from containers running on Kubernetes, enrich them with useful metadata and store everything in Elasticsearch.

22 November 2017 Engineering

Elastic Cloud Enterprise 1.1.0 upgrade issues and workaround

By Suyog Rao

Learn more about the upgrade issue in ECE 1.1 and remediation steps.